1. Locate the squeaky floorboard

First, locate the squeaky floorboard by walking across the floor and listening for the squeak. You may need to have someone else walk on the floor while you listen for the squeak to pinpoint its location.

2. Mark its location

Once you have located the squeaky floorboard, use a pencil to mark its location on the floor.

3. Drill a small hole

Next, use a drill to make a small hole through the floor board at the marked location. Be sure to drill straight down, avoiding any nearby joists or pipes.

4. Fix the floorboard down

Once you have drilled a hole through the floorboard, insert a screw through the hole and into the subfloor below. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screw until the squeak is eliminated.

5. Still squeaking? Use a longer screw

If the squeak persists, you may need to use a longer screw or add additional screws to the floorboard to eliminate the squeak.

6. Fill the screw hole

Once the squeak is eliminated, fill the hole in the floor board with wood putty and allow it to dry.

7. Sand and paint

Finally, sand the putty smooth and apply a fresh coat of paint or finish to the floor board to match the surrounding floor.