Say hello to Planna, a new way to engage with your tenants and helps to reduce annual repair spend.

Our mobile app provides tenants with easy to follow upkeep plan, tasks, tutorials and access to one-on-one support. Planna helps to build new habits, encouraging tenants to maintain their homes and reinforces behavioural change with rewards.


Lower Repair Costs

Regular upkeep can significantly lower your reactive maintenance costs, extend the expected life of your fixtures and fittings, improve the overall cleanliness of your properties and increase the wellbeing of your tenants.

When tenants lack knowledge about their repair responsibilities, don't understand what they need to fix, feel overwhelmed by the task, and have no idea where to seek help and advice, they're often discouraged from attempting repairs on their own

Happier Tenants

Engage with your tenants throughout the tenancy term, create a deeper level of tenant loyalty, an elevated customer experience and increase end-of-tenancy retention.


Monitor your properties' health and state of repair during the tenancy term. Gain insights
about your tenant’s behaviour & attitude towards the upkeep of your properties.

Give your tenants an understanding of their repair needs and responsibilities with insights about their home’s running costs, energy consumption and neighbourhood.

Empowering People

Empowering your tenants to become more
proactive creates a win-win situation for you
both. Planna doesn't rely on IoT, and there are no hardware to install, it’s low cost and has low
barriers to adoption.


Remote Troubleshooting with Ask a Pro

Video calls to help keep small things from becoming big problems.

* Cost effective first response
* Live video consultations
* Remotely triage issues
* Advanced scheduling system
* Live availability
* Built in payments system
* Calendar  integration
* Available on desktop
* App available on IOS & Android

8/10 Out-of-hours emergency callouts could be either resolved or made safe via a video consultation.

Upkeep Plans

Preventive tasks customised to suit each home, personalised based on building construction type, condition, features, neighbourhood, and risk factors such as flood and crime rates.

Plans include:

* Tailoring to the specific construction type and features of each home.
* Interactive task lists for engaging maintenance routines.
* Detailed task descriptions for clarity and guidance.
* Seasonally appropriate task suggestions.
* Regularly scheduled tasks for consistent upkeep.
* Recommendations for products and trades, along with cost estimates and    budgetary advice.

Patent-pending Technology

Our platform is driven by two patent-pending technologies: our Super-smart AI-powered home advice LLM and our Asset and Issue Detection lenses.

These innovations empower our users to identify, triage, and resolve home-related issues efficiently. The AI validates uploaded images, ensuring accurate identification and task completion verification.

Reward Good Habits

Incentivise your tenants to perform key tasks. Tenants can keep track of their progress, share achievements with friends and earn rewards from partner brands

Our comprehensive suite of services is accessible via our API or widgets. Whether you're looking to embed our AI-powered assistant seamlessly into your website, use Ask a Pro to help triage repairs or leverage our AI image recognition API to enhance your data, we offer versatile solutions tailored to your needs.

For more information or to discuss a demo please email