Adding the right skills to your profile and writting a great bio is key to winning more work. People need to know your areas of expertise or knowleadge, previous experience and examples of how you could give help and advice.

Adding a bio

>Click on your profile image (top left corner) >Profile >Personal info‌‌
>Next, select the edit " Pencil" icon‌‌
>Enter your text below the "Bio" title

Remember to include as much detail as possible and to give example of projects that you have worked on.

Setting your skills

When you add a skill to your profile you'll notice that the skill appears in a grey box. This grey box is a tag, tags are important because we use them to match users with the correct experts. When you created an account you would have selected or created a tag of your primary area of expertise. You can edit, delete, add and create more tags in your personal profile, here's how it's done:

‌‌>Click on your profile image (top left corner) >Profile >Personal info
>Next, select the edit " Pencil" icon in the top right corner
>You then need to scroll down to the "Skills" section of your profile
>Click the pencil icon in the skills section
>Enter your text to the right of "+New Skill"
>Enter as many skills as you like...and remember to save your changes