1. Location: The location of a home can significantly impact its value. Homes in desirable neighbourhoods or in close proximity to amenities and schools tend to be more valuable.
  2. Size and layout: Larger homes and homes with functional and open floor plans tend to be more valuable.
  3. Condition: A home in good repair and with updated features is likely to be more valuable than a home that requires significant repairs or has outdated features.
  4. Curb appeal: A home's exterior appearance, including its landscaping, can significantly impact its value. A well-maintained home with good curb appeal is more likely to be valued higher than a home with poor curb appeal.
  5. Renovations and upgrades: Homes that have undergone recent renovations or have upgraded features such as a new roof, windows, or appliances are likely to be more valuable than homes that have not been updated.
  6. Energy efficiency: Homes that are energy efficient, with features such as energy-efficient appliances and windows, can be more valuable as they may result in lower utility costs for the homeowner.
  7. Storage space: Homes with ample storage space, including closets and garages, are often more valuable than homes with limited storage.
  8. Natural light: Homes with plenty of natural light tend to be more valued than homes that are dark and poorly lit.
  9. Outdoor space: Homes with outdoor living spaces such as decked areas or patios are often more valuable than homes without these features.
  10. Safety and security: Homes that are located in safe neighbourhoods and have features such as security systems and fire safety systems may be more valuable than homes that do not have these features.

Unfortunately we can't help you with the location of your property but we can help you to improve the condition of your home, increase it's energy efficiency and connect you with independent experts to troubleshoot any issues.

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