How do I value my house?
Estimate your home’s value online or with local agents. Understand different valuation methods and regional variations. Consider factors like rebuild costs and future property value.
When was my house built?
Knowing your home’s age is crucial for securing home insurance. Insurers need this information to calculate premiums accurately. Older homes often come with unique risks and higher costs, which can significantly influence your insurance rates.
Top tips for cheaper home insurance
Discover essential tips to save on home insurance! Learn the benefits of paying annually, combining policies, and tailoring cover to your needs. Boost your no-claims discount, maintain your home, enhance security, and compare quotes to find the best deal. Protect your property and belongings wisely.
Can you insure a house that you don’t own?
Even if you aren’t a homeowner, you can still ensure a property is protected. Scenarios include insuring during the buying process, as an executor after a death, or as a landlord. Key types of cover are buildings and contents insurance, ensuring protection for both the structure and belongings.
Chancel repair liability insurance
Chancel repair liability in England and Wales mandates landowners to aid local church upkeep. Insurance shields against costs and legal fees, preventing homeowners from facing hefty, unforeseen bills. Usually tied to medieval parish church properties.
Fire and home insurance
Home fire insurance shields your property from fire and smoke damage. It covers structural repairs, belongings, and temporary accommodation, ensuring peace of mind in unforeseen emergencies.
Home buyers insurance
Secure your UK home purchase with tailored insurance. From protection against sale failures to safeguarding your belongings, find comprehensive coverage for a seamless buying experience.
Home insurance explained
Understand home insurance excess: compulsory amount set by insurer & optional voluntary excess. Higher excess may lower premiums but affects claim payouts. Varied excess for specific claims like subsidence or water damage.
Do previous claims affect home insurance premiums?
Recent home insurance claims can drive up your renewal premiums. Insurers view frequent claims as higher risk. Other factors like weather incidents and address changes also affect costs. Disclose prior claims to ensure valid coverage. Claims history stays on CUE database for six years.
Loft conversions and home insurance
Discover how loft conversions impact your home insurance. From notifying providers to securing comprehensive coverage, ensure your project is protected every step of the way.
Neighbour property damage and disputes
Unforeseen property damage by neighbours? Navigate disputes with clarity. Learn about home insurance coverage and resolution strategies in this article.
Home insurance no-claims discount
Discover the opportunity for a no-claims discount (NCD) on home insurance. Like motor cover, avoiding claims benefits your insurer and encourages handling minor incidents independently
The Best UK Home Insurance Providers
We’ve done the hard work for you. By compiling ratings from Trustpilot, Google, Fairer Finance, and Defaqto, we provide a comprehensive comparison of UK home insurance providers. Now, you can effortlessly find the best options to suit your needs.
Top 10 contents only home insurance providers in the UK
We’ve ranked the top 10 contents-only home insurance providers in the UK for 2024, including ratings from Google, Defaqto, and other review sites:
Top 10 buildings-only home insurance providers in the UK 2024
We’ve ranked the top 10 buildings-only home insurance providers in the UK for 2024, based on customer satisfaction, coverage, and reviews.