Planna is the mobile app that turns everyday household tasks and chores into exciting rewards!

We want you to create an upbeat, fun, and viral video content that showcases how Planna can transform everyday tasks into exciting opportunities. This script will give you an idea of the type of ad campaign that we are looking for, including camera angles, shot setups, lighting instructions, and music prompts.

This is a very rough guide. Please use your own unique spin on the content creation.

Scene 1: Introduction

[Camera: Close-up on the influencer]

[Lighting: Bright and vibrant]

[Music: Upbeat and energetic]


Hey, everyone! I've got something really cool to share with you today. You know those never-ending household chores? Well, what if I told you they could be turned into fantastic rewards? Introducing Planna, the app that makes chore time fun and rewarding!

Scene 2: Setting the Stage

[Camera: Wide shot of the influencer in their home, showcasing the app on their phone]

[Lighting: Natural and well-lit]

[Music: Lively and uplifting]

Influencer: Let me show you how it works. First, download the Planna app from the App Store or Google Play. Open it up, and you're ready to dive into a whole new world of home upkeep!

Scene 3: Chore Time Magic

[Camera: Dynamic shots, capturing the influencer's energy and movement]

[Lighting: Bright and energetic]

[Music: Upbeat and catchy]

Influencer: Time to tackle those chores! Planna turns everyday tasks into exciting challenges. You earn points for completing chores like cleaning, organising, or even fixing things around the house.

Scene 4: Rewards Galore

[Camera: Close-up on the influencer's face, displaying excitement and anticipation]

[Lighting: Warm and inviting]

[Music: Energetic and celebratory]

Influencer: But here's the best part! Every completed task brings you closer to amazing rewards. Imagine earning a coffee, money off your shopping, or even a fantastic meal out with your family—all for doing what you should be doing anyway!

Scene 5: Exploring the App

[Camera: Screen recording of the influencer navigating through the app]

[Lighting: Soft and balanced]

[Music: Playful and cheerful]

Influencer: Inside the Planna app, you'll find a wide range of rewards to choose from. Customise your profile, watch your progress grow as you complete each task. The app even suggests new activities tailored to your home to keep things fresh and exciting!

Scene 6: Spreading the Fun

[Camera: Influencer interacts with friends or family members, showcasing the app together]

[Lighting: Warm and joyful]

[Music: Upbeat and infectious]

Influencer: Planna isn't just for me—it's for everyone! Share the app with your friends and family, Who knew tidying up could be this much fun?

Scene 7: Exciting Giveaway Announcement

[Camera: Close-up on the influencer, direct and engaging]

[Lighting: Energetic and eye-catching]

[Music: Upbeat and uplifting]


Now, here's the icing on the cake! Planna is giving away £300 to one lucky person! That's right—just by installing the app using the link in the comments below and inviting 5 friends, you'll be entered into the prize draw. Check the full terms and conditions in the comments below for all the details.

Scene 8: Call-to-Action

[Camera: Close-up on the influencer, enthusiastic and persuasive]

[Lighting: Energetic and vibrant]

[Music: Upbeat and inspiring]

Influencer: So, what are you waiting for? Join me on this incredible journey with Planna! Download the app right now using the link in the comments, invite 5 friends, and you could be the lucky winner of £300! Let's make household chores the most exciting part of your day!

That's a wrap on the Planna Mobile App Influencer Ad Campaign Script! We hope this script, along with the music prompts and giveaway announcement, provides you with the direction and inspiration you need to create a viral and engaging video.

Be sure to download the Planna app, copy and paste include your unique link from the rewards screen. Include this together with the full terms and conditions for the giveaway which can be found here, in the content and comments.

Good luck :-)