We are really excited to tell you about our new feature "Ask a Expert". It allows you to earn additional income from real-time video consultations between you and your followers.

Here are just some of the ways in which you could promote this:

  • Providing a virtual service
  • Providing tips and guidance
  • Simply to meet with your followers

Value your time

You set the cost and duration of each call. Payment is pre-authorised at the point of booking and is transerred to you in full after the call has ended.

Make work, work around you

You're in control. Set your availability to work around your day job or even just weekends and evenings.

Reach a new audience

You'll be able to promote your brand to all of our users. Your profile will appear for all of our users to view and they can even book a call with you.

Mobile and web ready

Your followers can book a call using the Planna mobile app or through a web link that you can include in your profile, no app download or sign-up required.

Getting started

Set up is really straight forward:

How much does it cost to join Planna as an expert?

Nada! We don't charge our experts a sign-up fee or a monthly subscription. Transparency is really important to us, we make money by adding a modest platform fee to each service. Our Platform fee is 10% of the total service charge plus a small payment processing fee. We have included a fee calculator in the app which allows you to adjust your rate per call accordingly.

Do I need to have insurance to give advice?

No, however it's important that when you are giving advice that you make it clear that you are providing guidance for information and education purposes only and that what you say is intended to be a general guide for domestic and personal use only and cannot be a substitute for in-person professional advice specific to users’ property and individual circumstances. For more information see our Expert Terms

How much should I charge?

It's up to you, if you currently have an hourly rate we suggest charging a third of this for a 15 minute video call. If you don't have an hourly rate, think about how much you would be happy to pay for the type of advice that you offer. You can change and update your rates and availability at any time.

When will I receive payment?

We use Stripe to process payments, when you sign up with us you will be able to add a payout account in our app which will allow you to receive payouts. You will need to fill out some information with Stripe as part of this process. Your first payout could take anywhere up to one week to land into your bank account. Subsequent payments are paid out daily.